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Our Story


It was 2012 when our journey first began, just two teenagers not knowing how life would plan out. Now, we have had over 12 years together and we cannot wait to ‘tie the knot’ and celebrate our love together.

We have a mutual love of wanting to be "living in the moment", having fun and creating memories. Spending time with our family and friends is important to us and we feel so fortunate for all of the love and support we have around us.

Our biggest achievements have been made alongside and supporting each other. This includes us both graduating from university, moving to Portsmouth and beginning our own careers. 

Our proposal took place on Westminster Bridge in London. This is a place where we often visit when in London as it has a great view of Parliament (some may remember that in our teenage years we met at a time both being politically minded!).

We have a picture of us stood on this bridge after going to Prime Ministers Questions in 2012... 10 years later... Brogan had no idea the engagement was coming and our friends were stood on the bridge holding signs saying “will you marry me”. Brogan responded with lots of excitement, but the moment was certainly a special moment and one that will stay with us forever. You can see the video in our gallery section on this site.

Our Wedding is set to take place on Saturday 3rd August 2024. Portsmouth is a very special place to us (there is no place like it!). We are also excited to share the unique traditional character of 'The Queens', which is a place where we love spending our time, together.

We are so excited for our big day and for all of you to be part of it!

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