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Wedding Registry

We have had some questions about whether or not we have a Registry or if we would like anything particular for a gift. We have no expectations and do not want anyone to feel pressured into giving anything. We are just truly thankful and happy that everyone is able to be part of our special day.


Your love is the greatest gift of all.

We have both been lucky enough to be able to have some extended time off from work, for the remainder of August 2024. We are hoping to spend some quality time together away, to continue our celebrations. Therefore, we would be grateful for any gifts to be some money towards our ‘Honeymoon Fund’.

If you would like to help us celebrate with a contribution towards our Honeymoon Gift Fund, we would be honoured and truly thankful.

If you have 'PayPal' the link below enables you to make a payment online.

If you would rather complete a 'bank transfer' we are happy to provide these details directly to you also.

There will also be a table for cards and gifts on the day.


Thank you x

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